Mad as a Hatter by Ben Stevenson

Mad as a Hatter by Ben Stevenson

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Title: Mad as a Hatter by Ben Stevenson

Type: Original / Limited Edition Print / Framed / Unframed

Original: Graphite

I love the stories associated with the Mad March Hare - from Alice in Wonderland to Easter and even Moon Gazing Hares. One of the most delightful signs of spring is hares leaping in the air! They are such amazing characters with the saying ‘As Mad as A March Hare’ coming from the madcap chases and furious boxing matches that are seen during Spring and particularly March where we see one of Britain’s greatest wild life spectacles – the boxing of March Hares and their courting behaviours.

Hares are strongly associated with moon gazing and have a history of being a sacred animal with witches being said to shape shift into the creature. The hare is associated with fertility and spring, being sacred to the Spring Goddess Ostara. Seeing a hare, particularly a moon gazing one was considered to be a positive symbol. Pagan beliefs were that the hare was entwined with the White Goddess of the earth. Celts worshipped Hares and wouldn’t eat their meat. Queen Boudicca is said to have prayed to a Hare goddess before going into battle and the Saxons also worshipped the Hare goddess.

Layers of graphite pencil building depth and texture with use of a fine and soft brush which adds subtle tonal changes. This detailed approach in over 50hrs of work results in a modern, crisp and highly detailed finish. Credit for photo reference: Peter Denness

Limited Edition Print of 50 - A4 and A2 - Platinum Etching 285gsm - Print produced by a certified 'ArtSure' printer from the Fine Art Trade Guild to ensure the highest quality and is supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.