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A Venetian Spritz by GCW

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Title: A Venetian Spritz - GCW

Venice Spritz by GCW - Limited Edition Print by GCW - 24 x 18cm - Certificate of Authenticity supplied with print.

Type: Limited Edition Print

Original Size: 60 x 50cm

Original: A digitally altered photograph

A Venetian Spritz - GCW - Print of original photograph. An image distorted to enhance the feeling of fun, intoxication and exuberance which was felt on a wonderful day in Venice.
It could also be Rosé of course in the South of France. Either way the image conjures up Sun, Joviality, Friends, Conviviality and a little Madness.
The original photograph was taken in a little outdoor café in Venice. We, my husband and a couple of friends were there to celebrate our (friend and my) birthdays. She has the audacity to be 13 years younger! but I try to ignore that. Suffice to say we had a grand time!