Alistair Cowin

Alistair has been a professional photographer working in a variety of areas principally in fashion and beauty but also in all kinds of corporate work for the past 30 years or so. During that time he has lived and worked in the UK, USA and France.

Now based in the West Midlands where he has his studio, he still works with many of the big international fashion names as well as many well known celebrities.

Main Studio: Wocester, UK 

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Annie Graham

Having spent my career in advertising as an Art Director, I look at my subjects with a graphic eye. All of my paintings are inspired by photographs I have taken both in the UK and abroad. It could be a scene or landscape, the angles and shadows of a building, colours and shapes, engineered or organic, someone occupying a space or just a fleeting moment in time – whatever grabs my attention and creates a picture in my mind. I work in acrylics on board and also produce limited edition prints to order. Commissions undertaken.

Main Studio: Tunbridge Wells, UK

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Ben Stevenson

Self taught best describes my progress to this point in time. Hours spent honing my skills and creating a style that I believe represents what I feel is important and I hope that you like.

My art focuses on the relationship of light on surfaces, the textures and contrast that can be seen in simple images. Since my parents convinced me to watch ‘To Kill a Mokingbird’ as a child it has built an understanding that colour in art can confuse the onlooker and that by taking colour away you get time to see, feel and possibly have a better understanding of the subject you’re viewing.

From the very first set of Derwent Graphic pencils I received as a child I have been fascinated in the simplicity of the pencil. It’s that simplicity that allows me to focus on the detail of the drawing, light, shadow and textures that be come clear with basic tools in a black and white format. Working with graphite in black and white allows the subject matter to be varied as it’s the light, texture and feel of the finished work that I am trying to convey in my drawings. Each work can take up to 50hrs to complete, but it’s this time that allows me to address the detail and layering required to make the final work stand out. However, my intention is not to produce photo-realistic images, far from it as I believe that what I produce is an artistic representation of light on a subject and the simplicity of detail.

This approach to my art therefore provides a finished image that is bold, crisp, highly detailed and I would hope for the onlooker also thought provoking. I have a strong belief in producing original artwork as I feel that this gives people something completely unique to own. However, I do also offer limited edition prints of most of my work alongside the original itself. All limited edition prints are produced by Neal Scrace Fine Art Services, and printed on Hahnemuhle 100% Cotton Photo Rag and signed by me.

If you like what you've seen you can contact me either by email or DM me on Instagram (@benstevensonartworks)

Main Studio: Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK 

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Charlotte Williams

Charlotte Williams is a highly respected and increasingly celebrated British fine artist with a particular interest in wildlife. Remarkably, she is entirely self-taught, having begun to hone her craft with animal portraits at only 9 years of age. Later, she spent several years In Africa, living and working on a game reserve in the Eastern Transvaal, where she passed many hundreds of hours Immersed in the raw environment of the veldt, wandering, observing, sketching and cultivating her talent.

On her return to the UK in the mid-1990s, Charlotte continued to dedicate herself to art. In each of her meticulous artworks she aims to capture the soul and spirit of her subjects, from behind the eyes, so that you might know them and feel them, as if they were living and breathing  before you.  Her appreciation of wild animals, and her encyclopaedic knowledge of their anatomy, form and nature - coupled with her unapologetic perfectionism - enable her to create paintings and drawings that are wholly unique and authentic.  Unsurprisingly, her work is now much sought after and extremely collectible and her unquestionable gifts as a fine artist have deservedly earned her a global following.  Charlotte is always available herself to discuss your own  commissions, personal projects and individual ideas.

MainStudio: Crowborough, Kent UK

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Brett Neal (1962 - 2017)

Brett, a British artist, created a diverse body of work for over 30 years. Notably, his achievements over the years include a host of portraits of the great and good. Overwhelmingly, the artist is known for his love of perfection and simplicity.

Brett studied formerly in the UK, followed by various apprenticeships in wood sculpting and gilding, painting restoration under Antonio Macedo, marble sculpture in Italy, etching and stained glass in France.

For many years starting in 1985, Brett moved between France and the US creating commissioned portraits in both oil and marble for esteemed patrons. He eventually opened a gallery and workshop in Vence, France with a large staff assisting in the production and sales of his art.

Despite his success, Brett grew disillusioned with the art world and felt it became too bureaucratic. He explained: “I felt I was no longer an artist – I was running a business. So I went back to what I am best at, with paint and a brush.” In 2006, Brett moved back to Asia, where he was born and raised.

Channeling the great pop artists of the 20th century Brett’s latest Ultramixer series features humorous juxtapositions, combining fine art imagery with a jumble of vintage cartoons, advertising and memorabilia – reminding us not to take art too seriously.

Main Studio: Thailand, Vence France, UK


Derek Culley

Born in Dublin, based in Southport, Derek Culley originally completed a Masters degree in marketing at Brunel University from 1992-94, concentrating on the visual arts in Britain.

Prior to this, Culley was a founder member and chairman of Celtic Vision alongside Scottish painter John Bellany and the South African abstractionist Denis Bowen, with whom he exhibited in 1986-87.

As a self-taught artist, Culley adopted colours like cannons of light that he vigorously applies to the painting’s surface, developing a signature style.

Main Studio: Southport, Lancashire, UK



GCW is of Hungarian descent & French education.

She is inspired by a variety of sources: travel, cosmology, and music of all kinds. She prefers the medium of acrylic for the speed and energy that it requires.

She trained as a Theatre Set & Costume Designer with much success and continues to work for a small opera company.

It is maybe because of this training that she is keen on the viewer's re-interpretation of her work, bringing their own emotional and cerebral reaction to the canvases, engendering new insights and discussion, which in turn she finds inspirational. Some canvases do show ‘realisms', mostly with a philosophical idea in mind or, in the case of commissions, more obviously personal ideas of the person(s) involved.

Main Studio: London, UK

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Frances Featherstone

Frances Featherstone is a contemporary Fine Artist working in oils from her studio Groombridge, East Sussex.  She has a BA (Hons) Degree (1st Class) in Fine Art.

‘What I have always been fascinated by are the interweaving journeys that we are on as ordinary people in the modern world. And in my paintings, I try to capture the vibrancy of the urban landscape and at the same time the narratives of the individuals moving within them.’

Frances also loves to paint portraits and recently won Sky Arts ‘Portrait of the Week’ 2020 for her portrait of Bernardine Evaristo, Booker Prize winner 2019. Not only is capturing a likeness critical but the narrative is just as important for her.

She regularly exhibits in London including The Mall Galleries, Olympia and The Affordable Art Fair.  She was ‘Artist and Illustrators’ magazine shortlisted Artists of the Year 2019. 

Main Studio: Groombridge, East Sussex, UK.

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Jane Ferdinando

Jane is a contemporary artist based in Kent/East Sussex working in watercolour, charcoal and oils. With no formal training, she is mainly self taught, but has enhanced her knowledge by attending workshops and courses, but most of all loves experimenting with techniques in her studio at home. She was first inspired to paint in 2014 after the passing of her Mum, who was a botanical artist, feeling a closeness to her through art, and since then has known that art is her calling.

Jane is drawn to portraiture, she finds it an emotional experience, finding a connection with her subject, and whilst she enjoys working from life, this is often not possible and works mainly from photographs, managing to portray the essence of the person, partly by choosing and capturing a natural expression for that particular person, but also using sensitivity and softness to bring the subject to life.

Jane also loves to paint scenes from nature, wildlife, flowers and landscapes, using an expressive style and when using colour, often uses a limited palette along with a strong light source to bring interest to her works. She seeks to achieve a work that gives a sense of moment in time, a feeling of expression, of thought, of joy, whatever her subject.

While keeping busy with private portrait commissions, along with flower commissions, Jane is constantly inspired by the simple joys of life and using mindfulness to enjoy them all the more, and uses these moments to make sketchbook records which she can use to inform a painting at a later date.

Main Studio: Kent / Sussex, UK

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Jane Gray (Ceridwen Jane Gray SGFA)

Ceridwen Jane Gray SGFA, to use her proper birth name, but more commonly know as Jane works from her intriguingly named Pink Buddha Studio in Lamberhurst, Kent.

Having lived in Africa for 34 years, in Zimbabwe and Cape Town, Jane has been in Kent since 2004, but is still in love with Africa.

Jane later met Picasso and Giacometti during a stint in the Publications Dept. at what has now become Tate Britain, and so was invited to all the Private Views there.

She seeks to express this perception through the style of painting that she calls Organic Expressionism, where her paintings evolve rather than are preconceived. The paintings are built up through many layers of different materials and glazes in order to express the depth and complexity that constitutes our journey through life. She has been influenced  particularly by the work of Kandinsky, Rauschenburg, Frankenthaler, Rothko, Abstract Expressionism, Symbolism and the Bauhaus.

Jane’s preferred medium is acrylic: “It dries quickly, which lets me work spontaneously and I can apply the next layer.” She paints mainly on paper because she loves how the paint moves and blends. A painting can take from one hour to 10 years. Jane does not categorise her work in any specific genre. “I used to call my style organic expressionism but now I call it ‘shamanic art’, as it is about the energies and spirit in all things.”

Main Studio: Lamberhurst, Kent, UK.

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Jeannette Towey

I have painted on and off since childhood when I won a prize in a national school’s competition but for years the need to have a reliable source of income and then a family have got in the way of becoming an artist full-time. I did find time to study painting and printmaking at evening classes at St Martin’s and to do a degree in History of Art at the Courtauld Institute, where I specialised in fifteenth century painters and their techniques. So, all was not lost and it least I learnt a lot about technique.

In recent years I have been able to build a studio in the back garden and paint almost every day. At first, I wasn’t sure what to paint, and then I realised that given the charities I am involved with are all connected to nature and the countryside I should use that passion to inspire my paintings. So now I paint landscapes, seascapes, and other nature subjects.

I paint exclusively in oils, and mostly from photos I’ve taken myself. Some of my paintings have been exhibited locally and I am awaiting dates for a London exhibition organised by Hansford International.

Main Studio: Crowborough, Sussex, UK

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Keith Siddle

My paintings are a snapshot of nature, where motion becomes still. Contemporary, eye-catching and detailed studies combined with dynamic compositions and vibrant colours. Often, but not always, fish.

I have painted and been fascinated by wildlife since childhood. However, when I first decided to take the leap to become a professional artist I decided to concentrate on one subject, allowing me to find my own artistic style and build a reputation within a particular field. Initially I chose the oriental and beautifully ornamental fish, Nishikigoi (Koi) for their power, grace and colour variations, which have proved the ideal muse for my painting style.

I’ve embraced the same work ethos that the most eminent Japanese Koi breeders use in nurturing their Champions: Dedication, patience, detail, enthusiasm and passion.

These skills have enabled me to expand and experiment with my subject matter, including Orchids to continue the Oriental theme of Koi, Tropical Marine fish and other Sealife inspired by my scuba diving experiences to Food Art, inspired by…..eating!”

Main Studio: Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

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Guy Portelli RBA

Guy is best known as a sculptor, coming to the public’s attention with his BBC’s Dragons Den pitch in 2008.

Painting has always been a passion and Guy Paints when he travels. He states that  "The English colour palette does not suit my work, I love the hot colours of Africa or Latin America."

Guy has exhibited his paintings in London galleries and was the Vice President of the Royal Society of British Artists.

Guy works with water based oils on paper, and painting en plein air.

Main Studio: Tonbridge, Kent, UK

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Liz Pangrazi

Bio Coming Soon
Main Studio: Tunbridge Wells, UK 

Neal Scrase AGSA

Neal has been painting for most of his life but devoting serious time to this passion since 2000.

He is interested in learning and researching the many different methods and processes that go into making the final piece of art.

His work work tends to lean toward the surreal. He wants to portray the image that he see's in his mind rather than reproduce the image that we all can see.

He wants to view the image from a different perspective, a view of what could be or might be if we relax the need for exact reproduction. Colour is area that he likes to corrupt for artistic effect. "What if the image was mono tone or in an extreme tonal range that cannot be seen but only imagined."

His work is created on canvas, linen or paper using oil and occasionally acrylic paints. He also produces limited edition works which are then framed and with a hand engraved glass to accentuate parts of the base image which offers a third dimension which can also be lit from within the frame itself to illuminate the engraving.

Neal Exhibits his work in the South East of England, London and Australia.

Main Studio: Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

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Nicola Colbran

Wild life is my passion! Having travelled extensively throughout my life, much of my inspiration comes from observing wildlife in its own habitat. I am hugely aware of the plight so many of these fascinating creatures face in the modern world. I hope my work will go someway to bring their beauty and plight to our attention.

I work in oil and watercolour, oil being serious where more detail is required, while watercolour is more playful and unpredictable. I feel switching mediums helps to keep my work alive.

I started with a foundation course at Rochester Art College, but found it too restricting, so joined the big wide world and after training became an International Make-up Artists for 20 years. Much of my work was on location in far flung places where I was lucky enough to observe wildlife in its natural habitat.

Eventually I came back to art and have been painting for 8 years. I have always and still do surround myself with furry, feathered and winged friends.

Main Studio: Hawkhurst Kent, UK

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Tara Winona

‘My art is an invitation to connect … with nature, to each other. And to the deepest, truest parts of ourselves.‘

An artist and a writer, Tara Winona’s art celebrates a love affair with nature. Tara seeks to capture the spirit of nature, to give her a voice; to tell the story of being alive and her own journey through life.

Personal stories are woven into Tara’s work, expressions of life changing events. Her paintings of wildlife become self-portraits, a vehicle to tell a story. Animal portraits emerge from swirls of paint, emotions and memories flow – until the boundaries between creature and artist become blurred.

Working with a minimal colour palette, Tara seeks beauty in simplicity, leaving space for the imagination. She paints with watercolour and acrylic inks, the unpredictable nature of the materials a dance of flow, co-creating with chance. As if life is expressing itself.

Main Studio: Sydney, Australia
Secondary Studio: Johnsons Island, London

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Rebecca Ritchie

Rebecca Ritchie is a classical still life artist working in oils from her home in Langton Green.

'My compositions are constructed in my mind's eye before I begin hunting for my props and I am very much drawn to a combination of items that create an appealing scene or give a sense of nostalgia. I spend as long as I can setting up the composition and use a digital camera to help work out the best composition. I spend hours rooting around on ebay, antique shops – and sometimes even friends’ houses for things that I'm specifically looking for. I’ve built up quite a collection of pottery, glass and old silverware, which I like for its reflective qualities.

I prefer natural light because the shadows are so different, I also enjoy the hint of my garden through the window that emerges in the reflected light. I spend a long time on the composition, housing it in a dark board structure pinned together to specifically control and restrict light. I also occasionally introduce candle light 'off stage' for additional moulding and tone.'

Rebecca also enjoys painting portraits and won the 2018 'The Artist's People's Choice Award' with the Artist and Leisure painter magazines for her Portrait 'Colin'.

She exhibits in various Kent galleries as well as the Battersea Affordable Art Show, The Society Of Women Artists and annually with the prestigious Kent Painters Group.

Original artwork and limited edition prints. Commissions taken.

Main Studio: Langton Green, Kent, UK

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Steve Booth

After many years as Creative Director in a London design agency I now have time to enjoy my love of painting and drawing without the commercial restraints and deadlines!

My first project has been a series of large paintings that reflects my interest in classic cars and in particular the Porsche marque. For me, Porsche cars combine the ultimate combination of high performance and aesthetics. As a designer I am impressed that the 911 model has not really changed very much for over 50 years, a sign of a great design and a true classic.

However, I have not restricted myself to the 911. I have chosen other models as well that have become motoring icons over the years. Friends are keen to add more candidates to the list so I could be using this theme for a few years yet!

I have worked in acrylics using a loose style that suggests movement. The close ‘crop’ effect makes the image more abstract and dramatic. I like to work at a large scale which allows more freedom with my brush strokes keeping the image from looking too much like a photographic representation. The designer in me likes to use complimentary colours so I tend to keep each painting to two lead colours which gives a graphic strength and simplicity.

Large paintings of Porsches won’t appeal to everyone but I hope my work appeals to people like me who have a passion for classic cars and it gives them another way to enjoy it!.

Main Studio: Tunbridge Wells Kent, UK

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