Why Choose ArtRoamer?

ArtRoamer Benefits

24 - 7 Visibility

Shoppers can view your images at any time from anywhere.

Secure Online Payment

Artroamer will take the payment and transfer the funds to your account within 7 seven days. Your account details are never exposed online.

Zero Web Maintenance

Artroamer handles all the uploads of your images and operates the shop for you all included in the monthly fee.*

Hassle Free Distribution

Artroamer handle all the uploads of your images and run the shop for you all included in the monthly fee*. We will either send your product direct to the client or to yourselves ready for postage - you choose.

Hassle Free Production

We already print and distribute prints for clients from all parts of the globe so while we handle your production you can be creating new works.

Low Cost / Low Risk

For the price of one standard display board at an art fair, which will only show your images for a few days, you can display multiple images everyday and night all year.

No Image Flooding

We will restrict the amount of images on show at any one time. Unlike many other sites which have ten's of thousands of images on show, we will restrict* the total number of images to 500 products*. We will also restrict the total number of Artists that can use the site. The benefit of this will be a much higher chance of your image being seen by the art buyers. You will also be a member of an exclusive group of artists to be able to show your work together in one marketplace. Artroamer reserve the right to select the images you submit for display. If we feel that the image will not fit the current selection or is not a viable work for display and sell we will not upload the image. This will help keep the quality of work on display to a consistent standard which benefits all artists.


What is your commitment to exhibit on ArtRoamer?

£15 per month or £150 per year

You can pay monthly via direct debt at £15 or save a few pounds and pay £150 annually

20% Sales Commission

For any successful sales we will deduct 20% commission which is used to cover site maintenance and marketing

6 products uploaded for FREE or up to 20 products* for £5** per additional product configuration

Once a product is configured and uploaded there is no additional annual fee for hosting even if you switch the product off and add it back into the shop at a later date.

FREE Maintenance

Because we use the sales commission to maintain the site, maintenance is already covered, but only by your success - no sales - no maintenance cost to you.

Do you want to work as a team?

FREE Marketing

100% of the Annual / Monthly fee will be invested back into the Marketing Fund. So your membership fee is working for you

Social Sharing

You are encouraged to use the social media share buttons which are on your dedicated page. By using these share buttons you will increase visibility to promote your site via your own social media apps. This will increase the marketing effects which will benefit you and the other artists on the site. Think about the power of 50 artists all doing the same marketing process.

Web Sharing

You should build a link between your own website and the artroamer.com artist shop page as a 'shop' link on your website. this will benefit both artroamer visibility as well as your own website score as an external link

Cost of Prints and Carriage are extra

Cost of Print production and carriage are agreed before any images go live.


The limit on numbers of images and clients can be adjusted up or down at a later stage as part of the agreement.


Cost of image scanning is an extra charge. This can be done by artroamer and the scanned file can then be used as a promotional image and a high resolution print image. Prices for this service start from £5 for an A4 - £17.60 for an A2 - large scans are also possible.

Image quality

You are able to supply a high quality image for the website FREE of Charge but we reserve the right to reject any images that are not of a suitable quality 72 - 150 dpi images in jpg format are preferred. Image size should not exceed 30cm for large images.

**Why is there a cost for uploading extra images?

You will see from the 'Artwork Submission Form' that there is a lot of information that needs to be used to fill out each product and it's variations in order for it to display correctly and to get the best SEO score to enable your product to be come visible in various Search Engines. This is a complex and very time consuming job, and can take 30 minutes per product to configure. If you can supply the information for us to copy and paste from the 'Artwork Submission Form' into the relevant sections, this is a time saver but there is still a lot of extra work that has to be done to complete the job correctly. Therefore this cost of £5 is nominal fee to pay for half the time invested in this process.

Now you understand to details contact ArtRoamer so we can approve your membership