The Journey

The Artists Journey

Building your art career is always an interesting journey. Once you have found your ‘style’, you then need to find an audience for your hard work.

Before you can even think about approaching galleries, you need to have built up a body of work, most importantly you need to either be producing an extraordinary image that will capture the imagination of the gallery or more realistically have a proof of sales that will become attractive to the gallery.

The Gallery will then decide if their clients will like your work and if they can sell your work, thus making a  profitable relationship.

So how do you get there?

You have to start somewhere. Art fairs are the most obvious access point to the art market, so you choose a fair which you think best suits your style, pay for your space and hope that someone sees your work over the three or five days of the show.

Alternatively, you could spend less money and have your work on show 24-7 and have a global reach to expose your images.

This portal is your ideal step towards getting exposure and start marketing your brand. You can use this site as your base point. A site to which you can direct potential customers using social media, a site which will always promote the images you want to be seen.

Marketing your brand is the most important starting point, using a low-cost access to the market is the sensible approach to launching your career.