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A Bay In Anglesey by Neal Scrase

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Title: A Bay In Anglesey by Neal Scrase - Original - Oil on Canvas (100cm x 100cm) - 2012

Type: Original Oil on Canvas / Limited Edition Print

Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity

Edition: 100 (50 x 50cm) 

Size: 100 x 100cm

Original: Oil on Canvas

Origination Date: 2012


This is my interpretation of Sir John Betjeman's poem...

“The sleepy sound of a tea-time tide

Slaps at the rocks the sun has dried.

Too lazy, almost, to sink and lift,

Round low peninsulas pink with thrift.

The water, enlarging shells and sand

Grows greener emerald out from land

And brown over shadowy shelves below

The waving forests of sea weed show.”

‘A Bay in Anglesey’ John Betjeman.