Ben by Nicola Colbran

Ben by Nicola Colbran

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Title: Ben by Nicola Colbran

Limited Edition Print - 70 x 50cm - Museum Heritage 310gsm - Print produced by a certified 'ArtSure' printer from the Fine Art Trade Guild to ensure the highest quality and is supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Credit: Photo reference David Ash.

Type: Original & Limited Edition Prints

Original: Oil on Canvas

Size: 70 x 50cm

Ben, the most adorable Clouded Leopard used to reside at The Big Cat Sanctary at Smarden, sadly he passed away a couple of years ago. I visited him many times and would spend hours watching him and his partener, Mandalay having fun. The Clouded leopard is sadly now a very endangered speices and BCS is doing a lot of work in Borneo trying to protect them from poachers.

Photo ref many thanks to my friend David Ash.