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Circular Spirit by Neal Scrase

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Title: Circular Spirit by Neal Scrase AGSA - Original - Oil on Canvas (74 x 74cm) - 2018

Type: Original and Limited Edition Prints

Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity

Edition: 50

Original Size: 74 x 74cm

Original: Oil on Canvas

Origination Date: 2018

Circular Spirit is an oil on canvas original that was completed over the winter of 2018. This period of the year is always a negative time for me....the Cold, Short days, Dark nights and it take a long long time to pass.

Not surprisingly this means my work tends to be darker in both colour tone and spirit as I wait for the warm springs and long light summer evenings and the sunshine bring with it a fresh new light each year.

So does this represent the inner turmoil of my mood over the winter or does this drive a need and optimism as I wait for the distance spring and summer months? There is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel...there always will be as we return to the same dilemma each year and then cycle starts once more.