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Condensed by Brett Neal

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Title: Condensed by Brett Neal

Condensed was originally painted in Oil on Canvas by Brett Neal - various limited edition prints now available. Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity

Type: Giclee Limited Edition Print (unframed)

Edition: 50 

  • Official Authenticated Giclee Limited Edition Prints:
    • 52cm x 75cm £ 700 each unframed

    Condensed by Brett Neal was the first image created which turned into the 'Reflections of' series. Condensed referee to the popular brand of condensed soup made by 'Campbells' which was very popular in the UK (and still is) from the 1900's onwards. The soup found fame in pop culture partly because the creation of the famous Red & White soup label and Andy Warhol's famous Pop Art depiction of a soup can.