Red Lobster I by Keith Siddle

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"Red Lobster I" by Keith Siddle.

Original: 76 x 101 x 4cm

Limited Edition Print: 60 x 77cm (50 x 67cm Image)

I was asked to create a portfolio of paintings for a "Food Art" exhibition. Initially I painted subjects like Peppers cut in half on large canvases, but after a few Scuba Dives off the coast of Wales with my wife, where we saw an abundance of Lobsters and Spider Crabs, I was inspired to paint "Seafood". Unfortunately this meant a series of "Before & After" paintings of a Lobster. I have created many "Before" paintings of the beautiful blue/brown Lobster, but this is the "Cooked" version. A 30" x 40" acrylic painting on box canvas.

Limited Edition Print - 60 x 77cm (50 x 67cm Image) - Platinum Etching 285gsm - Print produced by a certified 'ArtSure' printer from the Fine Art Trade Guild to ensure the highest quality and is supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.