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Mercedes (Rear) by Neal Scrase

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Title: Mercedes (Rear) Neal Scrase AGSA - original painted Oil on Box Canvas, -  2017.

Glass on framed version has been hand engraved

Type: Limited Edition Print (Framed and unframed)

Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity

Edition: 50

Origination Date: 2017

The narrative continues on from the 'Mercedes (Front) image here. "This time you were wrong. The visit of the burly men was for someone else otherwise you would not be seeing the rear view of the car. Seeing the danger receding into the distance is a positive image and a time to reflect on what might have been."

This former beast is slowly being broken apart by nature with mosses and leaf debris creeping up over the shell and devouring it, breaking it down into the raw elements soon to have disappeared from sight and memory.

This special limited edition mixed media print includes hand engraved glass which picks out and highlights part of the light reflections adding a further dimension to the image, which moves and follows you around the room as you spy it from different angles.