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Shirt by GCW

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Title: Shirt by GCW, Limited Edition Print

Shirt by GCW, Limited Edition Print, Abstract acrylic work - Framed

Type: Limited Edition Print

Original Size: 32 x 21.5cm

Original: Photograph of Original Sculpture

Shirt by GCW - Limited Edition Print - Shirt is a photograph of a sculpture made from a real shirt and concrete/ plaster. The original is white and has been sold both as a surreal piece suspended as if by magic in a glass box, another is used as a garden ornament ( the pocket being very useful in which to hold scissors and trowel). The sculptures are all very different but have been very popular. 

This is a photograph taken of the' Shirt' and digitally played with to great effect. Whether sculpture or Print, the image allows the imagination to fill in the story of who wore it and on what occasions. What were they feeling, what were they seeing, what were they doing?!? The list of questions is endless and our imaginations boundless.


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