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Southern Ocean by Neal Scrase

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Title: Southern Ocean by Neal Scrase AGSA - Original - Oil on Canvas (97cm x 97cm) - 2019.  

Type: Original and Limited Edition Prints - 70 x 70cm image / 90 x 90cm Sheet

Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity

Edition: 50

Original Size: 97 x 97cm

Original: Oil on Canvas

Origination Date: 2019

The Southern Ocean image is associated with the Circular Sprit Image (also on this site) using the same swell of circular motion. This draws you towards the centre and the bright light calling for you. This example is based on the' Around The World Yacht' races, when the sailors enter the southern oceans, they know that the worst still awaits them and their only hope is picture the destiny of reaching the southern tip of the Americas and a dash up the Atlantic Ocean to home.

I imagine that you must need this belief in order step you toe into the unknown water that lay ahead. You can only hope that you will have a straight forward trip, and can breath again once you past the coldest, darkest, roughest, most dangerous part of the journey often alone.

This can be a metaphor for tackling any challenge you might face in your life time. In most cases this will likely be far less daunting that deliberately waking into the jaws of death, but just a normal daily challenge with an illness or relationship or trying to give yourself the belief that you can overcome this mountain and reach the other side. More often that not, we do succeed and we can build strength and confidence to tackle the next challenge ahead.

This is why I see this image as a positive statement not a negative.

This image can also be supplied with a rotating mount so you can turn the image and view in four different viewpoints.