The Bull by Neal Scrase

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Title: The Bull by Neal Scrase AGSA - Oil on Canvas - painted in 2013

Edition Giclee Prints from Oil on Canvas original (40cm x 60cm)  2013

Type: Limited Edition Print Framed and Unframed options

Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity

Edition: 100

Size: 40 x 60cm

Origination Date: 2013

This image had been running around my head for many years waiting for the right moment to be released. My admiration for this animal and utter disgust at the ‘sport’ of bullfighting has always been high on the agenda. I want to show this mighty beast is no different from us… underneath the skin it also has heart, tendons, blood and muscle.

The horizontal bars represent a barrier through which the Bull is breaking through to show us its inner strength as well as its vulnerability. The drops from the ear could be representation of the cycle of life for the animal with the colour being recycled back into the body.

Some people see this image as demonic…maybe it is, but we should not fear this beast, we should see the beauty and admire the strength, respect and celebrate its life.