The Elephant Barrier by Neal Scrase

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Title: The Elephant Barrier by Neal Scrase AGSA - original painted Oil on Box Canvas (97cm x 97cm) - 2017

Type: Original Oil on Canvas / Limited Edition Print

Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity

Edition: 100 (50 x 50cm) 

Size: 100 x 100cm

Original: Oil on Canvas

Origination Date: 2012

The second in the ‘Barrier’ series, this work follows up on ‘The Bull’ sold back in 2013. 

This work looks at the exploitation of animals and how we need to respect animals as much as fellow humans. The Ivory trade has decimated the herds and
their natural habitats in Africa which is a shameful act which we will look back on in the future with sorrow and guilt that we did not act in time.