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'The Passion' by Jane Gray

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'The Passion' by Jane Gray was painted to the beautiful music of The Passion by Peter Gabriel.

Type: Original - Framed

Original: Acrylic Ink on Paper 

Framed 62 x 62cms : Image 39 x 39cms 

I played the music to an audience and asked them to call out the colour they heard in the music. Music and colour has wavelengths and hertz....so colours will have a particular note on the musical scale. I applied the colour they called out as they
did so.

I had felt the music had a middle eastern flavour (now I'm bringing taste into it !!) and the chosen colours reflected that. I blanked out the sky to leave some 'dune' shapes for the sand dunes of the desert. I added the turquoise blue line on the right as a balance and because I love turquoise blue!'

Original Acrylic on Paper: Image 39 x 39cm - Framed 62 x 62cm.