Turtle & the Reef by Keith Siddle

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"Turtle & the Reef" by Keith Siddle.

Original: 81 x 106 x 5cm

Limited Edition Print: 58 x 74cm (48 x 64cm)

"Turtle & the Reef" by Keith Siddle, was inspired by a scuba dive at St. John’s reef, in the Red Sea, Egypt. A Green Turtle glides over a reef teeming with life. The landscape containing soft corals, anemones, brain corals, sea urchins and Pearl Sea Starfish is covered by the beautiful little orange Anthia fish. Striped, Threadfin, Arabian and Masked (Red-lined) Butterflyfish, an Emperor Angel, Yellow Tail Tangs and a Lionfish, fin out of the turtle’s path, whilst the Anemone Clowns position themselves to protect their home.

One scuba dive in an 18 dive liveaboard package, near the start of the dive we were surrounded by Hammerhead Sharks, in contrast the dive ended with the serene site of a Green Turtle and the colourful reef.

Limited Edition Print - 58 x 74cm (48 x 64cm) - Platinum Etching 285gsm - Print produced by a certified 'ArtSure' printer from the Fine Art Trade Guild to ensure the highest quality and is supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.